This page is devoted to a research project about karstic national parks.

The main issue is the following:

• Karst terrains are unfavourable for traditional farming → disadvantage for local people (depopulation, etc.)

• Karst terrains are vulnarable → need for protection

• Karst terrains have spectacular features (caves, collapse sinkholes, gorges) → suitable for tourism

⇒ Are National Parks the solution?

In fact, many karst areas are protected by national parks, which may provide employment for local people, protect biotic and abiotic values and promote tourism.

Our study questions in relation with karstic national parks:

1) Biodiversity vs Geodiversity - Which one is more important: the protection of geo(morpho)logical values or the living environment?

2) NP vs Local People - Do local people accept, are they pleased with the national park?

3) NP vs Tourists - What are the conflicts between conservation and tourism?

4) NP vs Time - How have the aims and tools of national parks changed through time?

5) Climate change: Is climate change an important issue in karst national parks?